A number of top professional baseball players for the Los Angeles Dodgers have recently denounced dairy, according to The Athletic, Dodgers Nation, and SBNation. The trend was sparked by Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley—who announced his intent to retire in 2018—when he removed dairy from his diet several years ago. In 2017, centerfielder Enrique Javier Hernández also stopped consuming dairy followed by shortstop Corey Seager who went dairy-free in 2018 and lost nearly 30 pounds. First baseman Max Muncy, a breakout star on the team, recently eschewed dairy as well, and credits his improved performance to the dietary change. “That right there is a selling point for me,” Muncy told The Athletic. “You’re talking about playing 162 games in 180 days. You’re talking about wearing cleats for all of those, which hurts your feet. Everything hurts. Anything you can do to gain an edge and make your body feel better on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you try it?” Clothing company BreakingT created a new T-shirt to commemorate the trend which reads “Los Angeles Dairy Free,” with names of players that have stopped consuming dairy written in a Dodgers-style font—an officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

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