Professional soccer player Chris Smalling—who plays for popular team Manchester United—revealed that he is committed to veganism for the rest of his life. “I can never go back,” Smalling said during a video interview with Sky Sports. “This is me for life now. Physically, even before I went vegan [when I was] cutting down on red meat, my tendonitis was vastly improved. Then when I went vegan and I don’t feel it at all anymore.” Last year, Smalling was inspired to adopt the vegan lifestyle by his wife Sam Smalling, who has been vegan herself for several years. “You find out how brutal [animal agriculture] is to the animals, your own health, and the damages it causes to the environment,” Smalling said. “All of those reasons together, you just can’t ignore those anymore. Vegan is the way forward.”

Photo Credit: Chris Smalling/Facebook

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