The Vegan District—a monthly vegan marketplace and food court—recently launched in Long Beach, CA. The event is set to take place during the first Saturday of every month from noon to 5 pm featuring a lineup of nearly 30 vendors selling animal-free clothing, household items, and food items such as vegan jackfruit burritos, nachos, tacos, pupusas, and doughnuts. Organized by local vegan Kawani Brown—who also organizes the annual Long Beach Vegan Festival, Vegan Sweets Con, and the Healthy Halloween Festival—the event is meant to satisfy vegans as well as introduce others to the lifestyle. “I think this is for everyone,” Brown told media outlet Press-Telegram. “For people who are just walking by and may just be curious and pop in, or for someone who may not even have vegan food on their mind may look around and ask some questions, and now they’re interested. It’s also for the foodie who wants to try everything.” Brown said the food lineup will likely change every month with a focus on bringing vendors from outside of the city so that Long Beach residents can try vegan dishes they may not find otherwise. A percentage of event sales will go toward funding Plant Based For All non-profit, an organization that provides healthy plant-based meals for those in need.

Photo credit: Drink Leche

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