California-based pizza chain Pieology will add vegan meat toppings to its more than 100 locations nationwide and Guam starting February 12. The new Premium Plant Toppings are currently available at select locations in California and Las Vegas and include plant-based Spicy Italian Sausage Rounds, Beef Meatball, and Diced Chicken. The company developed the vegan meat options—which will be sold for an additional $1 per ounce—to stay on top of current trends and appeal to wider audiences. “Over the last few decades, culinary innovation has greatly advanced in the area of plant-based proteins bringing their taste and texture to a remarkable meat-like level,” Pieology Vice President of Marketing Chad Bailey said. “Even our non-vegan guests have been shocked at how tasty our premium plant proteins are and how well they pair with pizza. We’re pleased to be able to serve creativity and provide our guests with a broader assortment of delicious, high-quality toppings than ever before.” The brand also offers three vegan crust options, a wide variety of vegetable toppings, and Daiya Foods’ vegan cheese.

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