The company behind iconic candy brand Sour Patch Kids recently launched an exclusive sweet-filled, vegan-friendly Amazon store in celebration of Singles Awareness Appreciation Day on February 15—the day after Valentine’s Day. The store offers a variety of Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish candies, Oreo Love Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with pink strawberry creme filling, and items such as comfortable T-shirts, warm blankets for snuggling solo, and tote bags with tongue-in-cheek sayings such as “no baggage.” All items in the store are vegan except the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar, which contains dairy. “Sour Patch wanted to celebrate this day because we’re a treat that is both sour and sweet,” a Sour Patch Kids media representative told VegNews. “So, like single people thinking Valentine’s Day is sour, we wanted to turn the time into a sweet experience as well.”

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