Starting today, Good Catch Foods’ pouches of vegan tuna will be available in Mediterranean, Naked in Water, and Oil & Herbs flavors at Whole Foods Markets nationwide and online at Thrive Market. The brand is a collaboration between chef brothers Chad and Derek Sarno, mission-based investment firm New Crop Capital, and branding agency BeyondBrands working together to halt ocean collapse—predicted by scientists to occur as early as 2048. Created to rival albacore tuna the way the Impossible Burger mimics beef, Good Catch makes its shelf-stable products with a proprietary blend of six legumes blended with sea algae oil for umami. “There are a few reasons we developed our new plant-based tuna. Most importantly, our oceans need our attention and are set to collapse within a couple of decades if we continue down the destructive path we are on,” Chad Sarno told VegNews. “Secondly, it’s common knowledge that a lot of seafood is contaminated with mercury and microplastics, and consumers are looking for an alternative. We saw a huge opportunity to disrupt the seafood category, shake some things up and encourage people to try something new.” In August, the company secured $8.7 million in capital funding—from investors that included Thrive Market, Fresh Direct, and Europe’s largest poultry producer PHW Group—to advance its mission of saving collapsing fish populations by creating viable vegan seafood alternatives.

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