Tofu shortages have been reported in parts of Canada after the country’s new 2019 Food Guide was released earlier this month. The food guide was given a major overhaul that included omitting dairy as a food group and emphasizing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, and plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, and tofu. Now, a surge of interest in plant-based foods, particularly in tofu, has been reported. The biggest tofu shortage is in Quebec, where the province’s largest tofu producers, Unisoya and Soyarie, are struggling to meet demand. Both companies are working on increasing production by expanding factories but won’t be able to sell to big chains such as Costco and Provigo until the expansion is complete. According to Nielsen market research data, Quebec has long been one of the biggest consumers of tofu products, with 26 percent of Quebecers eating the vegan bean curd on a regular basis.

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