Vegan musician Travis Barker—of Blink-182 fame—spoke about several vegan topics with host Joe Rogan during a recent episode of podcast “Joe Rogan Experience.” Rogan, a strong proponent of the meat-and-cheese-heavy keto diet, listened to Barker’s insights about famed chef Tal Ronnen, Los Angeles vegan eatery Crossroads Kitchen, and Barker’s transition to veganism, without any objection. Barker explained that he has been vegetarian since age 13 and transitioned to veganism shortly after surviving a catastrophic plane crash in 2009. “I had to eat meat in the hospital because they didn’t have any other options for protein,” Barker explained. “I would eat bags of beef jerky; whatever I could stomach without having to think what I was eating. Because I wasn’t eating at all. I was just ditching my food and giving it to my friends.” Barker suffered extensive burns over 70 percent of his body and after leaving the hospital, decided to go vegan. “When I got out, I just felt like the next evolution of my eating would be to try to be vegan.” Rogan asked Barker about the birth of Crossroads Kitchen, which Barker explained was initiated at a Bad Brains punk show by Ronnen—who then was the private chef for Oprah Winfrey. “I know a lot of people that have eaten there,” Rogan said, adding, “And they loved it.”

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