“Aquafaba”—vegan chickpea brine that is used as an egg-white replacer—was the star of this week’s episode of reality show Vanderpump Rules. The episode focused on the opening of anticipated Los Angeles bar TomTom, a collaborative effort between the show’s star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd, best friends Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, and designer Nick Alain. Schwartz served as bartender during the opening night, which welcomed a large group of high-profile guests, and created a specialty cocktail made with aquafaba. Mid-way through the party, Schwartz ran out of the vegan ingredient and panicked. “Everything is good but we ran out of aquafaba. I knew we would run out of aquafaba. We didn’t make nearly enough,” Schwartz said. “Aquafaba is just a vegan egg-white substitute,” he explained the star ingredient. “You just use the viscous liquid that’s in a chickpea can. And it works just as good as egg whites. It’s pretty silky.” To remedy the situation, Schwartz ran to a nearby grocery store, purchased several cans of chickpeas, and spent the remainder of the segment struggling to open them.

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