Documentary short film 73 Cows is a contender for the 15-Minute Best Short Film at the 2019 BAFTA Awards, which will be held in the United Kingdom tomorrow. The film, directed and produced by Alex Lockwood with no budget, first premiered at the UK’s 2018 Raindance Film Festival and has been watched worldwide online nearly 130,000 times. The documentary tells the story of Derbyshire farmer Jay Wilde, who inherited his father’s animal farm but not his father’s stomach for sending the cows to slaughter. The film follows Wilde as he realizes something has to change, and finds a sanctuary willing to take the herd while he transitions his farm from animals to vegetables—which is expensive and practically unheard of in the small farming communities of England. So far, the film has won the grand prize for Best Film at the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, the “Short of the Week,” and selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

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