The Vegan McDaddy’s pop-up will take place at pub Nancy’s Whiskey in Detroit on February 17. The McDonald’s-themed event is put on by Street Beet—a pop-up company founded by local vegan entrepreneurs Nina Paletta and Meghan Shaw. While the menu is not yet confirmed, local media outlet Metro Times reports possible contenders will take on McDonald’s classics with similar names but sans animal products such as Filet No Fish, McFakeChicken, Phony Burger, McRibby sandwiches, and ShamWow Shakes. The founders said that while the vegan menu is inspired by “Ronnie” (Ronald McDonald), it is “1,000 times better for you and the planet.” Street Beet‘s previous pop-ups include “Pizza Butt” (a vegan pizza night inspired by Pizza Hut) and “Taco Hell” (where vegan burritos, tacos, and crunchwraps reign supreme). While actual McDonald’s has been slow to offer vegan options in the United States, the fast-food giant added the McVegan burger to its locations in Finland and Sweden last year and launched several vegan-friendly Happy Meal options, including the McFalafel, in the United Kingdom in January.

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