Legendary chef Wolfgang Puck hosted a vegan cooking segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, sharing his Oscar-worthy creations with host Ellen DeGeneres and vegetarian actress Diane Keaton. During her recent stand-up show “Relatable,” DeGeneres shared that she no longer follows a plant-based diet. Despite the announcement, DeGeneres invited Puck to showcase the vegan dishes he will be serving during the official after-party to the 91st annual Academy Awards on February 24—his 25th year cooking for the party. “We’re going to make a few vegan dishes because I know you like vegan stuff,” Puck said on the show, which prompted applause from the audience. On air, Puck prepared summer rolls wrapped in thin slices of Opal apples, a garlic-infused pasta dish, and showcased dessert options such as cookies and vegan pavlova (made with chickpea brine or “aquafaba”). “So you’re going to have vegan options at the Oscars. That’s great.” DeGeneres said. “A lot of them,” Puck responded, adding, “and you know we have them in our restaurants now, too.”

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