A bill recently introduced to the California State Assembly proposes a ban of animal dissections at all California schools. The Replacing Animals in Science Education Act (AB 1586) aims to update science education in the state by replacing animal-dissection activities with humane teaching methods that align with industry standards and best practices. The bill was introduced by Assembly Member Ash Kalra and co-sponsor advocacy groups Social Compassion in Legislation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. “Advancements in educational technology have expanded access to this important scientific instructional methodology without having to rely on animals,” Kalra said. “With the development of technological alternatives, virtual and computer-based science teaching practicum offer more humane teaching methods that help to better prepare students for higher education and careers in science.” Last month, another bill introduced in California would help schools become even more vegan-friendly by providing extra funding to schools that add or increase the number of vegan entrées and plant-based milks on their menus.