Gardein, a 25-year-old plant-based meat company, is expanding its product line with 11 new frozen meal options. The products include Spicy and Maple patties, Shakshuka Breakfast Bowl, Lambless Vindaloo Skillet Meal, and more. “We’re seeing a lot of innovation in the plant-based space, and we’re also bringing innovation to the market,” Caitlyn Pibal, a Gardein associate brand manager, exclusively told VegNews. “Our Sliced Italian Saus’age [sic] is the first of its kind in the meat alternative space. We’re excited to be able to provide more options to consumers and make it possible for them to choose plant-based for just one meal a day or completely change their lifestyle.” In addition to the sausages, four of the breakfast bowls (Saus’age & Homestyle Gravy and Stea’k & E’ggs) will be available nationwide in April. The new Skillet Meals and two additional breakfast bowls will launch at major grocers in July. These products join the current line of Fishless, Beefless, and Chick’n Gardein products which have become a staple in stores from Walmart to Whole Foods Market.