German meat producer Rügenwalder Mühle will launch new vegan steak and chicken products at German retailers on April 1. Vegan chicken filet, vegan steak, and vegan chicken cold cuts will join the company’s existing meat-free line which includes two dozen items such as sausages, escalopes, and deli slices. “With the new, plant-based products, we now bring even more delicious variety to the table, especially for consumers who do not want to eat any animal products,” Marco Endelmann, Rügenwalder Mühle brand manager, said. “In doing so, we consistently set our goal to develop meat-free products directly with a vegan recipe.” While many of the products within its existing meat-free line are vegetarian, the company stated that it plans to make all of them vegan. Last year, Rügenwalder Mühle reported that its vegan and vegetarian products account for 30 percent of overall sales. The company is part of a growing list of major meat producers moving towards plant-based products to meet the demand for healthier, meat-free options. Tyson Foods, the world’s largest meat producer, recently announced its plans to debut a line of meat alternatives by the end of this year. Last month, Ireland beef giant ABP Food Group launched new plant-based meat brand Equals in the United Kingdom which includes a plant-based quarter-pound beef patty made with soy and pea protein.