New Barn Organics, an organic almond milk company, has reformulated its Almondcrème frozen dessert line to meet plant-based standards. The non-dairy pints formerly contained egg, which the company used as an emulsifier. According to New Barn Organics VP of Innovations, Darleen Scherer, the brand decided to remove the egg in order to completely align with its core values of providing organic and plant-based products. Now vegan, the Almondcrème line is made with a blend of coconut cream and New Barn’s signature almond milk and is available in Coffee Bean, Vanilla Bean, Banana Chip, and Chocolate flavors. “We’re happier with our new formula,” Scherer told VegNews. “They’re creamier and have an even better mouthfeel than the original.” In addition to these four new products, which are now available nationwide, New Barn is also launching an organic and sustainable vegan butter, four almond milk creamers, and five dips, scheduled to hit market shelves by late spring.