Beauty brand LUSH will debut its biggest collection of bath bombs in stores and online on March 29. The Celebration Bath Bomb collection features 54 bombs, old favorites and new additions, that LUSH is releasing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the product’s invention. “In 1989, LUSH co-founder Mo Constantine took a few simple ingredients into her garden shed and turned them into an invention that’s transformed time in the tub from a simple clean to an immersive sensory experience,” the brand stated. “Inspired by the fizzing action of alka-seltzer tabs, Mo’s original blend became Lush’s first bath bomb: Blackberry—a fizzer so good it’s still around today.” The collection features creative takes on LUSH’s signature product, including the Lucky Cat (a fuschia-hued cat filled with multi-colored stars that burst from its center when it hits the bath); Geode (which features purple popping candy that resembles crystals); Ginger Ninja (which turns bath water a copper hue); and champagne-scented Bom Perignon. LUSH is currently presenting its bath bomb collection at a trade show in Austin, TX where it is also unveiling a new technology that can scan package-free products—an innovation that advances its goals of reducing waste.

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