More than half (57 percent) of Britons are prepared to make significant lifestyle changes—such as drastically reducing their meat consumption—to combat climate change, according to a new survey conducted by Modular Classrooms. The survey polled 3,000 Brits to find that the majority were interested in fighting environmental degradation by modifying their lifestyle choices. The survey also found that 78 percent of parents believe it is important to educate children about sustainability issues early in life, with the majority choosing the Early Years (three to five years of age) as the appropriate time to do so. The majority of respondents (60 percent) said that environmental education programs—including those that promote decreasing meat consumption—are an important factor in choosing a school for their children. “It’s encouraging to see that so many people are willing to make changes to their lives to safeguard not only their future but the future of their children,” Mark Brown of Modular Classrooms said. According to a report published last year by consumer research company Compare the Market Ltd., the number of Brits that identify as vegan has increased by 600 percent since 2016 to 3.5 million, comprising seven percent of the population.

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