Vegan entrepreneur Abhay Rangan recently became the youngest Indian entrepreneur to be named on this year’s Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list. In 2016, the 22-year-old founded vegan brand Goodmylk, a vegan company that offers home delivery of products such as plant-based milk, butter, and curd. “It’s exciting to see that there is recognition for the work we’ve set out to do—making plant-based food affordable and accessible in India,” Rangan posted on Instagram. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude today. Every single mentor, vendor, team member, investor, family member, customer, and well-wisher, this is for you. True success is when we are able to take on dairy at scale and win.” During the early stages of the business, Rangan rode for miles on his electric scooter to deliver his vegan products—which he made with his mother inside their home kitchen across Bangalore. In 2018, Rangan secured $400,000 in investment capital to grow his business. “I find it silly when people say you have to give something up to be vegan. I haven’t given anything up. I’ve only replaced some things with better things,” Rangan captioned an Instagram photo of himself wearing a stylish faux-leather jacket. “If anything, I’ve only gained—gained a purpose, gained a lifestyle where I get to make our world a better place, and gained a community where I feel home.”