63-Year-Old LA Shop Adds Pastel Vegan Doughnut Line

Los Angeles mainstay Primo’s Donuts is now selling colorful blueberry, vanilla, cherry, and cinnamon vegan doughnuts to keep up with the times.


This month, Primo’s Donuts—a family-owned doughnut shop that has operated since 1956 in Los Angeles—began selling pastel-hued vegan doughnuts in four flavors: blueberry, vanilla, cherry, and cinnamon. “After 63 years, we have decided to introduce vegan doughnuts for the first time,” says Ralph Primo Jr., son of owners Ralph and Celia Primo, told BakeMag. “There’s a huge demand for vegan doughnuts and we are excited for vegans to taste Primo’s. The vegan doughnuts taste just as good as our classic cake doughnuts. We can’t wait for customers to try the new line.” Primo’s doughnut update follows a broader trend of legacy businesses introducing vegan items to modernize their menus, including 50-year-old chain Red Robin which added the plant-based Impossible Burger to the menu of its 570 locations last month.