Social media star Kelvin Peña (publicly known as “Brother Nature”) is urging followers to eschew meat after meeting a rescued cow who lives at Farm Sanctuary. “Some months back, I visited a sanctuary that rescued animals from slaughterhouses, and I met this cow that had the most sincere look in her eyes, that told me ‘we all need help,’” Peña posted on Instagram. “After doing some research, I found out that the meat industry (mainly beef) is one of the most inefficient uses of resources on the planet. Long story short, by simply removing beef from your diet, you can not only help save a life but take a great step into helping save our planet.” Peña began his social media career in 2016 by posting videos of himself feeding a family of deer (referred to as “the Deer Squad”) who live near his home in East Stroudsburg, PA. The animal lover has since amassed 2.7 million followers by documenting his animal encounters around the world, often checking in at home with his woodland friends Tay Tay and Canela—two deer that have become social media superstars themselves. In October 2018, Peña, whose slogan is “everybody eats,” announced on Twitter that he was vegetarian and aiming to transition to veganism.

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