Famed vegan chef and restaurateur Chloe Coscarelli announced today her bid for a 2020 presidential run. The surprise announcement came early Monday morning during an Instagram Live, where the 31-year-old University of California, Berkeley alumna and winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars explained that while she admittedly has little political experience, her tenacity as a businesswoman and her vegan principles give her unique positioning for the job. “This wasn’t a decision made lightly,” Coscarelli said. “I’ve been very disturbed by the direction of our nation lately—namely the inaction around staving off the destruction caused by climate change; the disproportionate number of people of color affected by the prison industrial complex; and the 18-percent reduction in dessert offerings at eateries around the country featuring rainbow sprinkles. I believe in the spirit of America, and believe that united, and with bold, fearless direction, we can make America smile really wide again.”

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Coscarelli in a favorable position at 9 percent, edging out a host of Democratic nominees including Sen. Kamala Harris (8 percent), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (4 percent), South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (4 percent), and placing her fourth behind former Vice President Joe Biden (29 percent), Sen. Bernie Sanders (19 percent), and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (12 percent). Coscarelli credited this strong start to her campaign both to the “passionate and growing” vegan community in the United States and to the general public’s hunger for a symbolic and meaningful shift in leadership. “It’s time. America is ready for its first female president,” she said. “For its first vegan president. For its first adorable president.”

Coscarelli outlined her policy platforms, which include free college tuition; an aggressive, low-cost, health-insurance-for-all initiative called ChloeCare; and free Instagram workshops for all. “If the American public will have me, the first thing I’ll do when I take office January 20,” she continued, “is reverse any progress of a racist and ineffective wall on the southern border—there are much more compassionate avenues we can take toward comprehensive border security, and frankly, we’re better than that. The second thing I’ll do is supply five drums of organic, vegan buttercream frosting to every American household. Life is too short for frostings made with hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, and animal ingredients. We. Are. Better. Than. That.”

The campaign will kick off in Iowa with a stop this Tuesday at Des Moines’ vegan Brightside Kitchen for a press conference, followed by a “cupcake town hall” at the Iowa State Capitol building. “We’re looking to energize—and veganize—our base, right out the gate,” Coscarelli said. “I want to show the American public that I have their best interests at heart and I take their health seriously.”

Coscarelli is reportedly also considering a bold running mate to help fuel excitement for the campaign. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has provided a jolt of energy to the House of Representatives in the same way I want to shake up the Oval Office,” Coscarelli said. “Plus, she’s already advocated for many vegan-leaning initiatives and innovation, so I think it’d be a move that’s both very synergistic, and super-duper cool.”

Coscarelli joins fellow vegan and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker in the Democratic race, marking the first time in history two vegans have ever run for president. “I think it’s fantastic,” Booker told VegNews. “I raise my glass of organic kombucha to her.”

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