New French food technology startup Suprême has cracked the code to creating foie gras (or fatty liver) without the need to cruelly force-feed ducks and geese through the use of cellular agriculture. “Everything starts from an egg freshly laid by the most beautiful duck,” the company describes its process on its website. “We take a few cells from this egg and give them all the essential nutrients they need to grow. Finally, we fine-tune the combination of these nutrients to naturally replicate the effect of force-feeding at the cell level.” The company plans to debut its first foie gras products by 2023. “We want to reinvent the most controversial French delicacy—foie gras,” Suprême founder Nicolas Morin-Forest said. “Today, 67 percent of French consumers reject the way it’s produced.” In addition to foie gras, startups in the cell-based meat space are working to create slaughter-free versions of many upscale animal products, including wagyu beef, lobster, and bluefin tuna.