Colorado-based cocktail brand Top Shelf aims to wipe out hangovers with its vegan Bloody Mary mix. The Jalapeño Cannabis Bloody Mary Mix is infused with 50 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) which research suggests lowers alcohol toxicity levels in the blood, curbs neurodegeneration, helps to protect the liver, and reduces the headache typically associated with a hangover. “People are already embracing the idea of CBD-infused cocktails all around the world,” Top Shelf co-founder JR Hindman said. “It’s a whole new category of products, and it’s growing in popularity every day.” While traditional Bloody Mary mix often contains fish-seasoned Worcestershire sauce, Top Shelf’s mixer is free of all animal products and features CBD that is extracted from Colorado-grown organic hemp. The company’s Bloody Mary mix is currently only available in Colorado—where CBD-infused food is legal as of 2018—with plans to expand to other states once Federal law changes.