Swedish vegan brand Oatly recently launched Oatgurt, a line of drinkable yogurt made from fermented oats. Oatgurt is available in four flavors: Lemon Elderflower, Strawberry, Natural, and Vanilla. With a consistency similar to dairy-based yogurt, the product can be eaten with granola, berries, in a smoothie, or on its own. “If you can get past the name, it is a pretty progressive product that you can use like yo-gurt only it’s made from oats not dairy, so it gives you beta-glucans, nice unsaturated fat, and the good vibes that come from making a thoughtful choice for the planet,” Oatly posted on Instagram. “And since the scientist who invented the world’s first amazing oat drink and founded our company thought it was cool to just go with the name Oatly, everyone might want to adjust their expectations for rad oat product names anyway.” Last year, the company—which produces other oat-based products such as barista-style oat milk, vegan yogurt, ice cream, and canned yogurts—began construction on its first production facility in the United States with the aim to distribute its products to retailers and coffeehouses nationwide.