Reality show Wife Swap is currently casting families for a Savannah, GA episode and is looking for “unique or non-traditional” households. The show specifically aims to find the following types of families: vegans, beauty pageant participants, those who reside in houses they believe are haunted, and extremely religious Black households, along with ethnically and religiously diverse groups. The premise of Wife Swap revolves around two families, which show producers characterize as opposites, trading “wives” (or spouses) for two weeks. The rearranged families are then tasked with learning about their new members, which often results in some conflict and, ultimately, a deeper understanding of the domestic lives of others. To participate in an upcoming episode of Wife Swap—which is back on air after a six-year hiatus—families must reside in Georgia and have two children under the age of 15 that reside at home. Chosen families will be compensated $10,000 and those who nominate a chosen family will earn a $1,000 finder’s fee. Casting submissions can be made on