Vegan Pizzeria Competes in World Pizza Championship in Italy 

UK-based vegan shop Purezza aims to impress judges with its plant-based pies at the most prestigious pizza competition in the world.


This week, United Kingdom-based vegan pizzeria Purezza is competing in the prestigious event World Pizza Championship (Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza) in Parma, Italy. “Wish us luck, folks!” the company posted to Facebook. “With over 6,500 pizzerias from across the globe in attendance, we’ll be showcasing vegan pizza at this prestigious event to demonstrate that not only can it be done but that it can be done really, really well.” Purezza opened as the first all-vegan pizzeria in Brighton in 2016 before expanding to a second location—a two-story shop that accommodates 100 diners—in London in 2017. The shop specializes in wood-fired oven pizzas featuring unique toppings such as Italian brown rice milk-based vegan mozzarella and vegan pancetta, creations that have won Purezza numerous awards.

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