Unilever recently launched The Right To Shower, a vegan soap line that benefits Americans experiencing homelessness. The line features body wash and solid soap in four varieties: Dignity (charcoal and cotton blossom), Hope (aloe and dewy moss), Joy (tangerine and honeysuckle), and Strength (red ginger and currant). “We started The Right To Shower because we believe access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right,” the company’s mission statement reads. “Americans experiencing homelessness lack access to everyday necessities and services—including showers. This makes it all too easy for them to be “othered,” rejected, and unseen by society, compromising their sense of dignity and their chance to feel included in the community.” The line is available on Amazon and in Whole Food Markets, and all profits in 2019 will be donated to non-profit organization Lava Mae—which provides mobile showers, toilets, and other hygiene services to people living on the streets.” According to the company, 550,000 people experience homelessness daily in the United States. “We’re working to fix that,” the company states. “We’ve crafted a range of products with the absolute best ingredients, sourced responsibly and formulated with care. And we’re using the profits to help ensure that everyone has access to a shower every day.”