Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) recently launched an advertising campaign across the United Kingdom for its new I Love You Bacon Burger. The campaign revolves around the idea that veganism will soon take over the world and urges the last of the non-vegans to sample KFC’s meat-loaded burger. “We picked a peculiar time to launch our meatiest burger ever,” the main text of the advertisement reads. “A peculiar time because 2019 is, according to no less than The Economist, ‘The Year of the Vegan.’ We would have sold more of them in 2018. Or 2017. Or 2016. Or … well, you get the picture. Unfortunately for us though, the [burger] is only ready now. Which is a shame for our sales figures. But a treat for (those remaining) bacon lovers.” Some of the outdoor advertisements are strategically placed near Greggs—a convenience chain now known for its viral vegan sausage rolls—with a slogan that reads, “Vegan sausage roll, it ain’t.” KFC developed the meat-filled burger over a two-year period and worked with advertising agency Mother to create the campaign. “Let’s face it, we’ve timed this burger badly. We’re launching the I Love You Bacon Burger in a year when unprecedented numbers of people are eschewing meat and embracing the aubergine (eggplant),” KFC Senior Brand Manager Marcus Buck said. “But for those bacon lovers that remain, this one’s for you. It’s so irresistibly tasty—try one before you turn vegan.” This campaign is only one way KFC is attempting to capitalize on the growth of veganism. The chicken chain has also been developing vegan meat options for at least a year and will soon debut a vegan chicken burger to its UK locations.

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