Vegan brand Miyoko’s Kitchen amicably settled a lawsuit filed against the vegan creamery in October out of court. The suit, brought by New York plaintiff Jasmine Brown, alleged that the vegan brand “basks in dairy’s ‘halo’” by using the term “butter” on its Cultured Vegan Butter—which overtly states that the cashew-based product is made from plants. “We have been asked not to comment on it besides saying it was dismissed to the satisfaction of both parties. It was truly a good outcome: that’s about all I can say,” company founder Miyoko Schinner told FoodNavigator USA. “This was a very unusual, extremely surprising settlement that did not benefit the lawyer or plaintiff in particular. It was a settlement that would put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss it. Unfortunately as well, because we didn’t get a dismissal in court, it doesn’t protect us against other copycat lawsuits.” Despite the upheaval over Miyoko’s use of the term “butter”—a battle that is currently being waged against other terms deemed exclusive to the animal agriculture industry such as “milk” and “meat”—Schinner has no plans to change the company’s labeling standards.

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