Actress and social-justice activist Rosario Dawson is transitioning to a plant-based diet as part of her self-care routine during times of increased anxiety. “I’m eating mostly raw and vegan right now so that’s giving me a really great base line because that’s so consistent, so that’s really helping,” Dawson told Daily Mail. The 40-year-old explained that the importance of self-care was not something she learned in childhood. “Where I grew up, the ethos around [self-care] was often like, “Well if you’re complaining about that, you’re lucky you got …” Dawson said. “As I get older, [self-care] is just something that I am so appreciative of—and the fact that the cultural conversation is geared towards it in a way that kind of demystifies a lot of things about it and also takes away some of the shame or weirdness around it.” Dawson is dating presidential hopeful New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who went vegan in 2014 and often uses his platform to support vegan organizations, including Encompass—a woman-led advocacy group whose mission is to prioritize racial diversity and inclusivity in the animal-rights movement and beyond.

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