Vegan athlete Jacob Peregrine-Wheller recently succeeded in completing the eliminator round of British physical obstacle course game show Ninja Warrior UK, and secured a place in the final that will be aired on June 1, when five contestants will battle for the crown of Ninja Warrior UK. Peregrine-Wheller, who also participated in Series 3 of Ninja Warrior, was one of 20 competitors left out of approximately 250 (and 35,000 who initially applied for the show). During the episode, he was challenged to overcome notable obstacle “The Warped Wall”—and even did an unexpected backflip at the end of another. “This is a test of my skills, where I only get one shot. I may be able to do every obstacle they have, but can I complete them under pressure, and also one after the next in a row?” Peregrine-Wheller told VegNews. “I also want to deliver a message of play. Adults tend to train more than they play, focused on results and winning. For me, most of the time I just focus on having a good time. It’s what keeps me coming back for more.” Peregrine-Wheller’s first passion was trampolining, which he competed in until the age of 18 when he discovered parkour—which uses movement developed from military training to get through a complex set of obstacles. “I still love variety, and would get bored quickly if I didn’t incorporate this,” Peregrine-Wheller said. “Climbing is the only regimented sport I make sure I fit in to my week, and then I’m more varied on the others. I love swimming right now, running, and trying new things, and looking forward to going to my first aerial hoop class this week.” Peregrine-Wheller hopes to go on to compete in other Ninja competitions around the world, including in Vietnam and America.