Israeli politician and vegan Miki Haimovich recently requested that her leather seat in the plenum of the Knesset (Israel’s national legislature) be replaced with one that is made with animal-free materials. “Most leather in the leather products industry is made by animals who were taken advantage of in other industries, mainly the meat industry,” Haimovich, who is a member of the Blue and White Party, wrote in a letter to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein. “Those animals undergo great suffering and, for most of their lives, are victims of violence and neglect.” Haimovich offered to pay for the change and suggested replacing all chairs in the Knesset to ones that are made with synthetic materials to set an example for the world, similar to its efforts to install solar panels on its buildings. As a vegan for six years, Haimovich is outspoken about animal rights and the environment and has effectively used her status as one of Israeli’s best-known journalists to bring attention to those subjects. She also brought the Meatless Monday movement to Israel and helped convince the Knesset to serve vegan meals on Mondays.

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