Stock shares of Greggs Plc—the British convenience chain that debuted vegan sausage rolls in January—surged to a record high this week. The chain said its “very strong” start to 2019 has been boosted by demand for the vegan-friendly version of its most popular product. In March, the new vegan option—which features 96 layers of puff pastry surrounding a Quorn-based vegan sausage—was expanded to all 1,950 Greggs locations across the United Kingdom. Its rise in popularity was due in part to the global Twitter storm that followed a tweet by television commentator Piers Morgan about the vegan sausage, which sent customers rushing to try the option. Earlier this month, stock prices of Beyond Meat—which became the first vegan meat company to go public—saw surges up to 163 percent on its first day of trading, making it the top performing first-day stock of the year. Financial consultant David Trainer, CEO of independent research firm New Constructs, LLC, predicted that if Beyond Meat continues on its upward trajectory, it will outpace all meat-based competitors.

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