Stretch out on the lawn chair, slather on the cruelty-free sunscreen, and savor one of these sweet smoothies to call in those summer vibes, not a moment too soon. This season is all about keeping it fresh and fruity, so we’re following these 9 trendy vegan smoothie foodies on Instagram to keep us inspired and revitalized all summer long.


1. Artrawpaulina
Raw vegan chef and food photographer Paulina Nienartowicz is a UK-based smoothie mastermind. If you want to impress your comrades with your aesthetic smoothie skills, follow her simple recipes and stride out with this beautiful citrus and berry striped smoothie that tastes as good as it looks. For delectable drinks, healthy eats, and other raw recipes to whip up this summer, peruse Artrawpaulina’s vivacious Instagram feed.


2. The_sunkissed_kitchen
Sometimes smoothies are better in a bowl. This sunshine bowl from Sydney-based fitness and food extraordinaire the_sunkissed_kitchen is made with just a few ingredients: mango, young coconut, macadamia nuts, and a dash of vanilla. The dazzling culinary designs and fresh, healthy food-inspo are just a few of the reasons to follow this colorful feed.


3. Laurafruitfairy
What happens when you omit the liquids and use pure, thick-blended fruit for your smoothie? Easy, breezy nice cream as decadent as this blueberry coconut and mango turmeric. Vegan blogger and self-proclaimed forest fairy Laurafruitfairy knows what she’s doing when it comes to fruity indulgence. Documenting her enchanting travels and foraged feasts through her Instagram and blog, Laura is perfect to add to your follow list for an endless stream of earth and food porn that will have you packing a Nutribullet in your backpack and hitting the road for your next adventure.


4. Lulusdreamtown
Through the wonders of technological advancement, we can stream the brilliant, culinary compositions of the 16-year-old vegan chef behind YouTube personality lulusdreamtown all the way from her hometown in Germany. Lulu’s vibrant Instagram page is rich with fruity fare, sweet treats, and body positive messages that are wise beyond her years.


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Occasionally a smoothie is just glorified dessert—take these dreamy chocolate peanut-butter cup smoothies as proof. Rich cacao, frozen bananas, creamy peanut butter, and vegan bliss balls top off this mouthwatering smoothie that tastes so divine it’s hard to believe it’s actually healthy (we swear it is). 16-year-old vegan teen whips up exquisite smoothies and fruity bowls on her eye-popping, bursting with color, Instagram.


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6. Veganwhat 
OK, it’s not exactly a smoothie, but this radiant chia, blueberry, and quinoa parfait gets its brilliant color from all natural blue matcha tea, blended in for a boost of energy and flavor—and it’s close enough to sippable for our taste. Stephanie Williams is the personality behind Vegan, What? blog, clothing line, YouTube channel, and spellbinding smoothie Instagram—complete with easy-to-follow instructions for recipes.


7. Simpleplantbasedlife
Vegan mom, blogger, and avid Instagrammer Simpleplantbasedlife graces us with her insightful (parenting and personal) lifestyle posts, gourmet fruity provisions, and guest appearances from her adorable cat. This smoothie-like Tropical Sunset Chia Fruity bowl is posted, amongst many other enticing recipes, with step-by-step instructions. We love that it is displayed in an eco-friendly coconut bowl for a little taste of DIY paradise.


8. Rainbow Plant Life
Rainbowplantlife is run by a previous Harvard Law graduate who left her legal career to pursue her dream of culinary expositions and backpacking the world in search of vibrant vegan food. These bright pink pitaya smoothie jars are loaded with nutritious components such as frozen cauliflower, peeled zucchini, and raw cashews. This colorful cuisine and brightly-hued smoothie blog is just right to kickstart this season with sunshiney vibes.


9. Crazyvanillahealth
It’s hard to believe these artful smoothies are produced by a 18-year-old, but Crazyvanillahealth is a foodstagramming guru. This sweet chia pudding, yogurt, and blueberry grape parfait is all made from scratch and loaded with healthy, plant-based ingredients. Try the simple recipes listed in her descriptions, or just scroll through the her heavenly, rainbow-colored feed to spruce up your summer.


Courtney Lodin, a former VegNews editorial assistant, can frequently be found lounging poolside in her heart-shaped sunglasses with her dog Peter, and her smoothie in hand.

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