Biotech skincare brand Algenist recently announced the debut of 100-percent vegan formulas. Algenist’s patented Alguronic Acid made from algae is the discovery that kickstarted the brand in 2011. It involves extracting polysaccharides from living algae to produce its patented ingredient. According to the brand, Alguronic Acid helps promote hydration and minimize wrinkles and, when paired with other ingredients, can boost the efficacy and visibility of results. The brand now plans to focus on maximizing the use of vegan ingredients and leveraging the newest innovations in plant-based chemistry and processing technologies. One of its key discoveries is active vegan collagen, which, when combined with Alguronic Acid, produces a formula that the brand says restores skin’s “bounce and resilience” within 10 days. “As a brand, we strive to drive change: through our use of algae, vegan alternatives, and renewable resources driving back to our biotechnology roots,” Tammy Yaiser, Algenist VP, Product Development, said. “And through our partnerships, like with IIVS (an organization that seeks alternative testing methods in cosmetics) to eliminate the need for animal testing by means of broader education and policy change. We are ever-evolving, ever-discovering, ever-exploring.” Algenist products are available at Sephora stores and on shopping channel QVC.

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