Burger King Adds Impossible Whopper to 100 San Francisco Bay Area Locations

The plant-based burger makes its first West Coast launch as Burger King continues expanding the option nationwide. 


Today, more than 100 Burger King locations in the San Francisco Bay Area began serving the plant-based Impossible Whopper—ordered vegan by omitting mayonnaise. On April 1, fast-food chain debuted the plant-based burger, made with an Impossible Burger patty, at 59 locations in St. Louis, MO—a menu item that is credited for bringing 18.5 percent more foot traffic to those locations. By the end of April, Burger King announced that it would gradually expand the Impossible Whopper to its more than 7,200 locations nationwide and, along with the newest expansion to Northern California and St. Louis test markets, the plant-based burger is now available in Miami, FL, Columbus, GA, and Montgomery, AL. In May, Burger King expanded the offering to Europe, starting with Sweden where it is sold as the “Unbelievable Whopper” alongside a vegan chicken sandwich.  

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