Starting today and until the end of July, vegan pop-up Supernatural returns inside the event space of restaurant Craft NY operated by celebrity chef Tom Colicchio—of Bravo’s Top Chef fame. The concept was created by legendary vegan chef Chloe Coscaerlli, in partnership with Colicchio, and features a colorful, curated menu dedicated to “the magical force of vegan food.” The pop-up first launched for three weeks in March, opening to around-the-block lines of guests eager to sample the vegan menu. Coscarelli and Colicchio revived the pop-up for a second round with new, seasonal menu items including Spicy Jalapeño Mac & Cheese, Hawaiian Quinoa, and Matcha Soft Serve. Supernatural—open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday—also serves nachos loaded with butternut squash-based “queso,” cauliflower tacos, an Animal Lover Burrito (stuffed with maple chorizo and shiitake carnitas), and a variety of desserts, including an entire sprinkle-covered cake. “We want to show our customers that they can still enjoy all of their favorite comfort foods without sacrificing anything at all,” Coscarelli told VegNews. “Our menu is filled with colorful, flavorful, satisfying options that are suitable for anyone—even kids.” Coscarelli rose to fame after becoming the first vegan winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2010 and went on to build a vegan empire around her inventive, playful approach to vegan cooking.

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