James Cameron Urges New Zealand to Ditch Dairy and Meat Farming

James Cameron Urges New Zealand to Ditch Dairy and Meat Farming

The award-winning director and environmentalist demands that New Zealand transition its animal agriculture industry into producing sustainable plant-based alternatives.  


James Cameron—director of films Titanic, Avatar, and Terminator—urges that farmers in New Zealand stop raising animals for food and transition to a more sustainable future by producing plant-based crops. “What we see is that the rivers and the lakes are extremely polluted here,” Cameron told local outlet TVNZ. “New Zealand isn’t living up to its own image of itself right now, and the image that it projects to the world as the clean, green place. So there’s a lot of work to do here to steward the land properly. What we need is a nice transition to a meatless or relatively meatless world in 20 or 30 years.” A longtime champion of plant-based living, Cameron and wife Suzy-Amis Cameron—who operates vegan school MUSE in California—currently live on a 3,700-acre property in New Zealand while he completes filming on the forthcoming continuation of the environmentally focused Avatar film series.  

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