Vegan-friendly cosmetics brand LUSH is launching the “Shark Attack” campaign to save sharks from slaughter on World Oceans Day (June 8). Starting today, LUSH will re-launch its popular vegan Shark Fin Soap online (available in-store starting June 8) and donate 100 percent of the $5.95 sales price to The Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation, an organization created to continue the work of late ocean conservationist and filmmaker Rob Stewart. With every purchase of the soap bar, LUSH will include a sticker that displays messages such as “Beware: Shark Killers” that customers can use to demark a place where a shark attack has occurred—such as restaurants selling shark fin soup and beauty products that use squalene, an ingredient commonly derived from shark livers. Additionally, 250 LUSH stores across North America will raise awareness of the devastation sharks—an estimated 100 million of which are killed annually—face due to human activity. The company created the campaign to emphasize the importance of sharks to the ocean ecosystem and calls for a ban on the trade of shark fins across the United States (where only 13 states have banned the practice) and Canada. “Sharks are the entry point to a greater conversation on ocean protection,” Carleen Pickard, LUSH Ethical Campaigns Specialist, said. “We’re in the midst of a global climate crisis and sharks play an integral role in maintaining the health of not only our oceans but the planet, too. With this campaign, and through the continued work of The Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation, we’re educating the public on actions they can take before our oceans become unthinkably blue.” During the campaign, LUSH will highlight seven of its Charity Pot partners working to protect ocean health, including Fins Attached, All One Ocean, R.O.L.E. Foundation, Reefs for Life, Association for Denman Island Marine Stewards,  Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and Malama Pupukea Waimea.