Functional ice cream company Nightfood will debut a vegan line this summer. The company creates ice cream—in flavors such as Cookies n’ Dreams, Midnight Chocolate, and After Dinner Mint Chip—specifically to satiate nighttime food cravings while promoting more restful sleep. “Last year, our world-class research and development team helped us develop delicious and creamy sleep-friendly ice cream with a healthier nighttime profile. Now, we’re excited to have Nightfood options coming for dairy-free consumers,” Lauren Broch, a scientific advisor for Nightfood, said. The non-dairy line is made with pea protein and oats—which promote sleep due to their high content of protein, fiber, and melatonin, while delivering a lower glycemic index. “In the next couple of months, we’re going to be meeting with many of the largest supermarket chains in the country,” said Jim Christensen—Nightfood’s Vice President of Ice Cream and a former executive at Unilever. “Having additional flavors, along with dairy-free options, will help us serve more consumers through more points of distribution, and more options on each shelf.” Production of the new dairy-free line is scheduled to begin in early 2020, and the company aims to secure 10,000 points of distribution for its products nationwide by March 31, 2020.