Title Boxing Club Philadelphia will soon add vegan punching bags to accommodate guests who want to hit heavy bags without hurting animals. While gym patrons can bring their own vegan gloves and other cruelty-free equipment to gyms, the stationary nature of punching bags leaves guests without a choice when it comes to a cruelty-free work out—a fact that Title intends to fix.

“Coming soon. We will be replacing a row of heavy bags with synthetic heavy bags,” Title captioned a photo of the new punching bags on Instagram. “This means no leather, and all material on the inside will be 100-percent pieces of recycled cotton and metal material!” The gym decided to add the vegan bags—which should be arriving in approximately 10 days according to PhillyVoice—after locals asked for leather-free equipment so that they could workout in line with their ethics.

Photo Credit: Title Boxing

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