Vegan food tech startup Spero Foods was one of three top finalists in a recent pitch competition at international technology conference Collision in Toronto, Canada. The startup competition brings together 60 leading early-stage startups—that have received less than $3 million in funding to date—for a live on-stage battle in front of a panel of investors, influential journalists, and some of the conference’s biggest partners. Spero has produced innovative products using patent-pending processes such as liquid vegan egg alternative Scramblit, which is made from pumpkin seeds, turmeric, garlic powder, and black salt. Spero also offers vegan cheeses made from sunflower seeds in flavors such as chèvre, camembert, whipped cheesecake, and “bluebert.” “I think this is evidence that people ‘get’ our approach,” Spero founder and CEO Phaedra Randolph said. “Spero Foods has created something that’s never been accomplished before. There are millions of people waiting for plant-based dairy that is truly healthy—meaning, rich in natural nutrients and without preservatives, fillers, or highly refined ingredients—and that tastes delicious. And just as importantly, people want an affordable price point.” Spero hopes to enter into every major dairy and egg category with novel vegan products, and expects to significantly drop its prices as it scales.