Vegan SpongeBob Makeup Collection Debuts Next Month

Vegan brand HipDot creates eyeshadow, lip glosses, face masks, and bronzers all inspired by Bikini Bottom’s favorite residents.


On July 17, vegan beauty brand HipDot will release its HipDot x SpongeBob collection in honor of the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants since its debut on Nickelodeon. The quirky line will feature eye shadows, a blush-and-bronzer duo, a trio of lip glosses, and a sheet mask inspired by the show. The Bikini Bottom eyeshadow palette features 15 highly pigmented hues such as Jumpin Jellyfish, Squidward-inspired Angry Tentacles, and Treedome (a reference to the home of ocean-dwelling squirrel Sandra “Sandy” Cheeks). HipDot has yet to release all of the details about the forthcoming line but a spokesperson for the brand revealed some insight about its new lip gloss. “True fans will remember the episode where SpongeBob actually wears a sheer blue lipstick called Coral No. 5,” the representative told Allure. “This moment actually inspired one of the lip glosses in the collection.”

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