From creamy almond brie to sharp cashew cheddar, vegan cheese has expanded in beautiful ways to position 2019 as the most tasteful year of vegan food ever. In addition, winemakers are also realizing the benefits of plant-based vinos and are creating amazing vegan wines that are better than the traditional bottles. To help your next dinner party or picnic go as deliciously as possible, here are six combinations that’ll have you satiated and satisfied. Cheers!


1. Vtopian Caramelized Onion and Pizzolato Cabernet
The notes of tanginess and creaminess of Vtopian’s cashew-based cheese base and date-like sweetness of the carmelized onion (along with the right amount of salt) make this cheese perfect to pair with the Pizzolato cabernet. Due to its boldness and sweet aftertaste, the strong cabernet fills your mouth with flavor and tames the cheese’s sweetness. For an ideal pairing, include purple grapes and sliced toasted baguette on your cheese platter.

2. Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese Style Spread with En Mémoire du Malbec
Kite Hill’s chive cream cheese smears lightly and smoothly across a dry cracker or toasted baguette, while the delicately bold flavor matches well with the Malbec, which complements the cream cheese due to its blackberry-esque taste. The wine complements this cheese very much like jam does with cream cheese, making it a great combination when served with toasted bagel crackers, blackberries, jam, sourdough bread, oat crackers, carrot lox, pickles, or sweet potato crackers.

3. Miyoko’s Kitchen Aged English Smoked Farmhouse with Frey Vineyards Pinot Noir
If you love sharp cheese, you will love Miyoko’s smoked farmhouse. With a smoky, woody flavor and an acidic kick that fills your tastebuds, this cheese is tempered perfectly by the pinot noir. The smoked farmhouse is a great cheese for those who love strong cheddars, while combining the flavors releases a satisfaction for those who love sharp and blended tastes thanks to the wine’s plum notes. For the ultimate cheese platter, include apples and toasted almonds on seeded crackers.

4. Peace Cheese Jalapeño Love and La Crema Chardonnay
Peace Cheese’s Jalapeño Love is spicy and buttery, but also has a little tang to it that makes this treat truly unique. Use it as a spread-like pub cheese or heat it by baking it on a French boule slice for a gooey effect. The spice puckers your lips, which is ideal for La Crema Chardonnay to temper the cheese’s buttery taste. This pairing becomes a smooth delicacy that allows the spice to settle nicely and is best served with corn chips, chocolate, French boule, seeded baguette, and dried cherries. This cheese would go well with a good beer as well.

5. Vromage Brie-Truffle and Red Truck Rosé
Vromage’s Brie-Truffle is light and decadent and comes with a hint of truffle that pairs well with the rosé’s creamy, strawberry notes. This combination tastes divine when served on a cheese platter with cranberry or raisin crackers, figs, and sunflower seed bread.

6. The Herbivorous Butcher Smoked Gouda and Les Hauts de Lagarde Bordeaux Red
This smoked Gouda’s spice is well paired with the Bordeaux, which is fruity with a little spice at the end. With its smoky hint and smooth taste, the cheese is impactful on the taste buds, while the Bordeaux pairing gives you a full-bodied experience. Ciabatta, green grapes, and cherries would make this a delicious pairing.

Ana Levley is the founder of Uncorked Canine, a vegan wine, cheese, and dog-friendly blog and creator of the support group Vegan Business Exchange.

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