Burger King has officially updated its national website menu to include the Impossible Whopper. Now boldly displayed alongside other classic Burger King options, the Impossible Whopper is advertised as “100-percent whopper; 0-percent beef” with all the nutrition facts clearly displayed. On April 1, the chain launched the Impossible Whopper—ordered vegan without mayonnaise—in 59 St. Louis, MO locations. Within one month, Burger King announced that it would expand the option to more than 7,200 locations nationwide due to the popularity of the plant-based burger, which brought 18.5 percent more foot traffic to locations that served the Impossible Whopper shortly after its release. The chain confirmed that the Impossible Whopper is currently available St Louis, MO; Columbus, GA; Montgomery, AL; San Francisco, CA; Baltimore, MD; Vegas, NV; and Miami, FL. Customers are encouraged to inquire about the availability of the Impossible Whopper in-store as the popular plant-based burger is still making its way across all Burger King locations.