Vegan actress Evanna Lynch—of Harry Potter fame—will star in upcoming vegan film You Eat Other Animals. While details of the film are not yet available, Lynch took to Instagram to share a teaser.

“My lewk [sic] for the vegan short film You Eat Other Animals playing an alien queen who abducts two earthlings,” Lynch captioned a photo of her in costume. “The film will be out later this year, will keep you posted.” Makeup and prosthetics for the film were done by London-based artist Tabitha Mei-Bo Li who specialises in vegan and eco-friendly products. Last year, Lynch appeared in a “makeup tutorial” produced by animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that exposed the cruelty of animal testing in the beauty industry. In addition to appearing in films to promote veganism, Lynch hosts vegan podcast “The ChickPeeps” which she uses a vehicle to discuss veganism with her fans.

Photo credit: Faye Thomas Photography 

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