The corporate page for social media platform Instagram (@instagram) recently shared a video of vegan photographer and activist Sammantha Fisher—which, to date, has received more than 7.2 million views—as part of its #Advocates series. In the Instagram-produced video, the New Jersey-born photographer explains her journey toward veganism, a lifestyle she adopted after being bullied when she was a child. Fisher is shown walking through Rancho Relaxo sanctuary in New Jersey (where she volunteers and is a board member), introducing viewers to its animal residents including Toast—a goat that was found frozen to the ground but underwent a miraculous recovery at the sanctuary. “I do all of my work for free,” Fisher said. “It’s about the animals. It’s not about myself.” Fisher helps various sanctuaries by capturing images of their animal residents and donating the photographs for use by the sanctuaries. The activist also sells images of animals and gives half of her profits back to the sanctuaries to support their life-saving efforts. “My favorite part about taking pictures of animals is that I eductate with my photos about veganism and animal rights,” Fisher said. “Being an advocate means standing up for what I believe in regardless of what people think about it. For me, that means standing up for animals.”

Photo credit: Sammantha Fisher/Instagram