Vegan musician Jessica Ellen Cornish (known professionally as “Jessie J”) recently brought a vegan message with her performance on new British talk show The Lateish Show hosted by comedian Mo Gilligan. During the episode, Milligan asked Cornish to participate in a challenge called “Nursery Grimes” that involved singing a nursery rhyme in the style of a famous song. Cornish was asked to sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” in the style of late singer Whitney Houston. She sang the song about a farmer who had a farm, and the animals he had, and ended it with “But Old MacDonald, he was vegan.” Cornish adopted a plant-based diet two years ago for health reasons and, according to a recent interview with Plant Based News, is now vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. “Veganism is a lifestyle, not a trend,” Cornish said. “It starts as food and then it goes deeper and it becomes about how you feel, and you stand for something. It becomes about animal cruelty and the world and global warming. It escalates into becoming a vessel of power that ends up improving the world, and not just yourself.”