New vegan cinnamon roll shop Hail Snail will open in September in Portland, OR. The menu will consist of hand-made cinnamon rolls (“Cinna-Snails”) with fun toppings such as the Carnival with carrot bacon, maple cream, banana, and sunflower seeds; the Macrocosm with crushed Newman’s Own cookies, gummy worms candies, chocolate sauce, and caramel; and the Stoner with Lay’s potato chips, chocolate sauce, and mini chocolate chips. There will also be gluten-free Cinna-Snails, mini Snails, a monthly savory mini Snail—in flavors such as pesto, pizza, and BBQ jackfruit—and the option to customize a classic Cinna-Snail with purple glaze and over 30 topping options. “Our inspiration to open Hail Snail came from our drive to bring our vegan community together for a new, fun, and whimsical dessert experience,” Jaq Law told VegNews. “[My partner] Karly and I have been long-time vegans with a passion for baking and cooking and it only made sense to bring all of that together to help further the ever-growing movement of a more vegan world.” The couple aims to make the shop a family-friendly, inclusive, and relaxed space for all ages to enjoy, and to spotlight other local independent businesses, host events, and utilize it in other ways to benefit the local community. Hail Snail is currently raising funds via Kickstarter to renovate the space and to buy equipment. “Hail Snail is more than just a cinnamon roll place for us; its core is reflective of our values and character as a family. And we long to share it with the world,” Law said.

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